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The Krka National Park is located entirely within the territory of Sibenik - Knin County and encompasses an area of 109 square kilometers along the Krka River.
The national park covers the major part of the course of this amazing river, and in addition to natural monuments it abounds with cultural and historical monuments. The most outstanding of these is the Franciscan monastery on the tiny isle of Visovac, set like a precious stone in the middle of a lake like widening in the river. Within the monastery there is a picture gallery and a church whose origins can be traced back to the 14th century.




In the middle of the canyon upstream of the river is the interesting Krka Orthodox monastery; while on the high ground above the river sit several old ruins. Magnets for visitors are the old mills which have been transformed into small ethnographic museums where one can see how wheat was ground in olden days.




The main attraction of the Krka National Park is its seven waterfalls. The widest of these is Roski slap, although Skradinski buk is the biggest and most well known.

It is small wonder that most visitors gather around those two waterfalls for, in addition to being able to enjoy the magic and roar of the water, one can also enjoy walks through a myriad of paths which, for the most part, follow ancient trails, testified to by the numerous little bridges. All around Roski slap and Skradinski buk is any number of rest places, the most favored being in front of old stone house set in the shade of surrounding trees.

Beyond the charming little town of Skradin, which happens to be favorite starting point for boat trips to the park, the river Krka, gradually widens, first into Prokljansko Lake and then into deep sea bay, towards the city of Sibenik


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Skradinski Buk is one of the most attractive parts of the park. The attractions and facilities available are various footpaths, sightseeing tours and presentations, boat trips, souvenir shops, a museum, and restaurants.
Roski Slap is the second most popular attraction of the Krka National Park in terms of numbers of visitors. The most attractive way to reach Roški Slap is to take one of the excursion boats operated by the Krka National Park, althought the falls can also be reached with a public road.
Inside the park is the island of Visovac home to the Roman Catholic Monastery founded by the Franciscans in 1445. The island can be visited by by a boat tour from Skradinski Buk.

 Isle of Visovac