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The Falcony Center is located in the dense woods of Dubrava only 8 km from Šibenik. It is a location where visitors can familiarize themselves with the life of the falcon and other birds. Predatory birds have always fascinated man, and falconry is as old as are the oldest cultures on our planet.


 The beginning of falconry dates back to 5000 B.C in China where it spreads to Persia , the Middle East and to Europe . Falconry looses its popularity with the invention of the firearm. We are proud to continue this noble tradition, and to show our visitors the secrets of falconry. For those who are not satisfied with a one time visit, the Falcon Centre offers several other possibilities.


Students have the opportunity to experience the magic of falconry.The peak of the day is a hunt where the students participate actively and independently.


The course begins at 9:45 am and finishes at 5:00 pm .

Price per person is 380, 00 kn.







The course is intended for those who want to pursue the skill of falconry. The course is a  combination of theoretical knowledge (biology, animal health, ornithology) and practical knowledge (using the bird caller, making necessary equipment…) so a student could practice falconry on their own.


The course begins on Monday at 9:45 am and finishes on Saturday at 12:00 pm.
Price per person is 1,500, 00 kn.
Boarding is not included in the price.